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Listed below are examples of the most common license suspensions in South Carolina

Suspension Type





Driving Under the Influence

First Offense (Note 1) 6 months x x x
Second Offense 1 year x x x
Third Offense (Note 2) 2 years x x x
Fourth and Subsequent
Offenses (Note 2)

License Revoked

x x x
Felony DUI

3 years plus time served

x x x

Driving While Suspended

Original Suspension for Fixed Period Same time as
original suspension
x x  
Original Suspension is Indefinite 3 months x x  
Original Suspension for Failure to Pay a Traffic Ticket 30 days x    

Operating Uninsured

Non-Owner 30 days x x  
Owner ($550 reinstatement fee) Indefinite x    

Failure to Maintain SR-22 (Note 3)

Non-Owner Indefinite x x  
Owner (Reinstatement fees up to $400)    x x  

Failure to Pay a Traffic Ticket(Note 4)

Indefinite x    




  1. The number of offenses is determined by the number of driving under the influence violations that occur within a 10-year period.
  2. If the suspensions occurred within a five-year period, the suspension period will be extended an additional year for a 3rd Offense DUI, and terminated for a 4thoffense DUI. After seven years, the driver may petition the circuit court for a reinstatement for driving privileges. The following requirements must be met before the petition can be filed:
    1. The driver must not have had any driving under the influence or driving under suspension violation within the past seven years.
    2. The driver must have completed ADSAP.
  3. SR-22 insurance is not required if the three-year requirement period for the original suspension has ended. The reinstatement fee is not required if the new certificate of SR-22 insurance shows no lapse in coverage.
  4. You must provide a notice of payment from the court that issued the original ticket. Send your notices of payment to The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, Driver Records, P.O. Box 1498, Blythewood, SC 29016. If the notice shows payment prior to the suspension date, the $100.00 reinstatement fee will not be required.


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